Enjoy the natural sceneries of Tai Wai

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, Tai Wai allows you to get in touch with nature at all times. On a fine day, the whole family can get prepared and go on an outing trip to Tai Wai, with singing birds and fragrant flowers.

Enjoy a Family Barbecue

From MTR Tai Wai Station, walk for around 20 minutes along Hung Mui Kuk Road or take a 10-minute bus ride to "World-Wide Gardens Stop", then walk for around 2 minutes to the entrance of Hung Mui Kuk Barbecue Area. As the first stop of the journey, the area offers beautiful scenery and facilities. You can feel the charm of the surrounding nature. The whole family can unload their belongings and have a nice barbecue here, then go up the mountain for a hike afterwards.

Strolling in the Red Plum Forest

After the feast, you and your family can embark on Hung Mui Kuk Nature Trail. The moderate distance enables you to reach the summit in about an hour, suitable for suburb visitors. The surrounding scene is bright and beautiful, offering a sense of comfort and calmness. Hung Mui Kuk, a renowned hiking destination in Tai Wai, is named after the Chinese Waxmyrtle, which is in full bloom in the valley every May and June.

Looking for Amah Rock

At the top of Hung Mui Kuk stands a famous large rock - Amah Rock, known as "the most beautiful rock in Hong Kong". It is said that the woman went up the mountain every day to look forward to the return of her husband, who went fishing, and finally turned into a huge stone, which people call "Amah Rock". Standing by the stone and reflecting on this classic story, you can enjoy the beauty of Tai Wai's rivers and mountains and blissfully bring an end to the happy family outing.