Emperor Cinemas

Emperor Cinemas Plus+ which is located at the new landmark shopping hub The Wai, marking the first cinema in the area. Emperor Cinemas Plus+ spans two floors and boasts six independent houses with a total seating capacity of 912, including a Dolby Atmos Theatre that can take up to 185 audience.

At Emperor Cinemas Plus+, we strive to provide all audiences with a unique cinema-going experience through innovative offerings, exceptional services and gourmet-style food & beverage.

Installation of Dolby Sound System

Locating at the L5 of The Wai, Emperor Cinemas Plus+ is designed with a simple yet luxurious aesthetic concept. Besides, all cinema houses are equipped with Dolby cinema sound system and 4K Laser projection system, delivering high-quality sound and picture for a stunning audio-visual experience. House 1, particularly, is equipped with a Dolby Atmos® system, allowing you to experience multi-dimensional sound with incredible clarity that brings you into the true movie world.

New Gourmet-style Menu

With each Emperor Cinemas offering its own exclusive snacks, Emperor Cinemas Plus+ (Tai Wai) is no exception – our new creations include the scrumptious "Real Crab Meat Hotdog", “Japanese Convenience Store-style Fried Chicken”, as well as classic “Hong Kong-style milk tea” with a perfect blend of tea and milk that will satisfy your taste buds.

Irresistible Promotional Offers

You can enjoy a 365-days 'zero' handling fee by purchasing tickets through Emperor Cinemas website or mobile app, the fully-electronic ticketing process. You only need to scan the QR code on the e-ticket to admit the house easily without queuing up for physical tickets. This process is convenient, time-saving, and environmentally friendly too.