Exploring the cultural charm of Tai Wai

Tai Wai, with a long and profound history, is full of antique flavours and cultural essence. Let’s explore the unique cultural charm and ancient features of Tai Wai.

Chik Chuen Wai and Tsang Tai Uk

Take the MTR to Tai Wai Station and exit from Exit A. "Chik Chuen Wai" is just one street away. With a history of more than 400 years, this is where Tai Wai made its mark. The name carries the meaning of "goodness accumulation and benevolence preservation". Standing in front of the gatehouse, you can fully feel the weight of its history. At the front of the gatehouse, you can see a traditional pyramid-roofed old house which narrates the old story of Tai Wai Village. Walking into the village, at the end of the gatehouse you will find the famous Hau Wong Temple, where gods are worshiped under a profound atmosphere. After that, you can visit Tsang Tai Uk with a 15-minute drive or a 20-minute walk, one of the best-preserved Hakka walled villages in Hong Kong. The granite, blue bricks and wooden tiles combine to present the colours of the walled village. The courtyard and the ancestral hall showcase the culture of the walled village, bringing the historic vibes into full play.

Che Kung Temple

After experiencing the historical atmosphere of Tsang Tai Uk, you can walk to Che Kung Temple, one of the famous attractions in Hong Kong. Every year, tourists from all over the world visit it for oracles and worships. It is always busy with the lingering of incense smoke. Draw a divination stick to bless your health. Che Kung Temple has a history of more than 300 years, with the red wall being one of its symbols. Walking through the wall, you will arrive at the atrium square. There is a big drum in the left bell tower and a huge bell in the right. On the bell it reads "peace and prosperity", a blessing that everyone in Hong Kong will live and work in peace and contentment.

The culturally rich Heritage Museum

Finally, across the river from Che Kung Temple, we come to Hong Kong Heritage Museum to admire the art works and historical relics. The adoption of a quadrangle layout creates a tranquil and elegant environment. Every time when you step over the small bridge and flowing water at the entrance, it feels like traveling through time and space and going back to the past. As a comprehensive museum, the exhibits cover the history, art and culture realms to let visitors fully experience the strong cultural atmosphere. The visit will draw a perfect end to your cultural journey.