Train Components




The East Rail Line (EAL) has been closely connected to the development of Hong Kong, witnessing the steady growth of new towns. Tai Wai is one of the communities being served by the EAL. The opening of the EAL Cross-harbour Extension in 2022 has further enhanced Hong Kong’s railway network by linking up the Northeast New Territories, Central Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. 

The first-generation electrified trains were introduced into service in 1982. Commonly known as “Yellow Head”, they underwent Mid-Life Refurbishment (MLR) between 1996 and 1999 after serving the EAL for years, and were transformed into the popular MLR trains. The MLR trains finally retired in 2022. Through the “Legacy Train Revitalisation Programme”, MTR Corporation has been exploring different ways to make good use of the compartments and parts of these trains and give them a “second life” upon upcycling.

This artwork “Reborn” is inspired by the retired MLR trains and their fine details. The parts and components of a retired train are reassembled and reconstructed in an artistic form and transformed into a visually interesting mechanical collage. Visitors will be able to enjoy viewing a collection of the train components and parts including the iconic driving cab front “mask” which had been in use for more than 20 years, and the equipment inside the train such as handles, straphangers, seats and display panels, as well as a rare appearance of the master controller, circuit boards and cooling fans. Together these parts bring back collective memories and stimulate the imagination and curiosity through the complex structure of the artwork.